Individual sessions: Tao Coach™

Your personal coach for natural health, awareness and personal growth.
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Space Clearing

Bring new energy to your home with Cosimo and the art for soul and space balance.
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Taoist Meditation Class

Weekly Classes with Cosimo in Bologna area, Italy.
15/10/2013 - 15/06/2014

Tai Chi & Qi Gong: Wellness and Beyond

Weekly Classes with Cosimo in Bologna, Italy. Sold out
1/10/2013 - 15/06/2014

Walking Meditation in Italian

Free audio by Cosimo in Italian, published on Omnama.
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Meditations on Omtree

Meditation in Italian by Cosimo, subscription on Omtree Meditazione.
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Vitality Tao: Cosimo’s online videos.

On Line Videos by Cosimo, subscription on Vitality Tao.
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Alessio’s Events

Alessio’s classes and workshops in Florence area.
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Treat your body well: it is the only home in which you are sure to live for all this life.


is the

Qi Gong

I integrated in a fast working method to relax, take care of yourself and find your Essence.

Here’s what you can easily make yours:

Health of Back and Joints

Posture Balance

Long Life Breath

Body Emotion Mind Relaxation

Posture Balance

Internal Energy

Awareness and Presence

Personal and Spiritual Growth

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Together with Water Method Qi Gong, also Nei Gung, Tai Chi Meditation and other Internal Arts selected for simplicity, effectivness, quickness: half an hour of the Practices we teach is equal to hours of other activities.

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